Coaching You to a Healthy Business and Successful Digital Marketing to

Jumpstart Your Business Online

Your Digital Presence Is About To Take Off

Do you feel like your business is stuck?

It is time to make an action plan.

If you are not sure which direction to move, a strategic marketing coach will look at your business as a whole, spot any gaps in your business model, offer an actionable plan and even challenge your thinking. 

The benefits of marketing coaching cannot be overstated. Having an experienced marketing coach that you can rely on is one of the most valuable resources that is available to you. 

As an entrepreneur, you are probably looking for ways to grow your business while having a limited amount of resources. 

You may read countless articles on Google, or watch videos on YouTube but they will never be unique to your particular situation and business needs. 

Working with a strategic marketing coach in tandem, you receive personalized guidance and support. Imagine your coach as your GPS in the world of marketing. Can you drive your car to an unknown destination without navigation? 

As a entrepreneur, you most likely wear a lot of hats in your business, and you have a lot of responsibilities that, most probably, lie outside of marketing. This is the time when you need a marketing coach who will:

  • Guide you through the process of building a short-term and long-term marketing strategy. 
  • Hold you accountable for making things happen. 
  • Help navigate problems and find the most effective solutions. 
  • Train you in the skills you need to be successful. 
  • Support you from a position of expertise.

The success formula:
Marketing + Mentoring = Marketoring

Ekaterina Nikitina Marketing Expert Photo

About Ekaterina

Hi, Ekaterina here! I’m a marketing strategist with over a decade of experience in building strategic and results-driven marketing solutions. I use my trademark energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to create a marketing plan for your business.

I work only with the socially responsible entrepreneurs – just like you. If you want to grow your business, spend more time with your family, be more involved in your community, and just live the lifestyle you want – you need to work smarter and not harder. How? I’m here to help you to figure it out. 

We’ll dive deeper into what’s performing and what’s letting you down and become super clear on what you have to be concentrating on right now, as well as your next steps, to build the business of your dreams.

And, to build a business that allows you to live the best possible life, because we’re not doing this to be chained to our desks, working late into the night on our computers – got it?

Let’s do it!

Additional Services


Get professional advice and strategic suggestions for your company’s complete digital strategy, including how to create new leads, convert leads to customers, and, most crucially, improve revenue.


Get smart, successful web page designs made by experts with our web design services, stand out from the crowd and make your brand appear its best.


Learn how to establish and nurture a list of prospects and existing customers, as well as how to improve open and click-through rates to increase income.

Social Media

Get a foundation on how to attract new consumers, initiate conversations, and use social media in your everyday business.